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K.R.T. Academy  2011

Kings Rule Together  Academy is the breeding ground for the modern day Renaissance man. A man who encompasses well-rounded traits and capabilities and portrays characteristics that run the gamut of nerd, rebel, jock, prep and mentor. These archetypes representing the collegiate male at K.R.T. Academy combine to bring together differing groups and create a world where unity and togetherness is key. 

Creative Director & Styled by Curran J
Photography by Luxury Light Photography  


National Moment of Silence Protest in Chicago, Illinois was a SUCCESS! The amount of unity and diversity within the crowd brought tears to my eyes. We met up at the Daley Plaza at 6 PM, had a moment of silence for 4 minutes with our hands held in the air. Every minute represented the four hours Mike Brown’s body was on the ground. Chicago is truly not a segregated city. The people know how to come together when we need to. WE TOOK IT TO THE STREETS. People joined in, we were chanting and screaming. There were black people, white people, asians, hispanics, everyone was there. It was a beautiful experience. All in support of Ferguson and police brutality victims. A protest to help stop racist cops from prevailing.

Luckily, the police kept their asses on the sidelines and out of our way. There were too many of us to be controlled. 

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What does friendship… Are we friends?

Imagine change imagine change imagine change

I’ve ran miles trying to figure out.